Flowering purple orchid

Random photos

Occasional pics I've snapped

Every now and then, I take a picture what I be proud of. Some of them find their way here. More-recent pics are added at the bottom...

Miniature clothes pegs
Run-down building in Cambrils, Spain
Paraglider in Exmouth, Devon, UK
Boat "Yokarimbe" upside-down on a beach on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica
Random Toucan at an animal sanctuary, Costa Rica
Clouds over Spain
Heart mobile hanging at a wedding venue in Salou, Spain
Aircraft at sunset over Spain
Rio de Janeiro viewed from Sugar Loaf Mountain
Bi-planes at an airshow in Catalunya, Spain
A monkey climbing up a drainpipe in Costa Rica
On a river boat in Costa Rica
Buzzards in Chile
A Brazilian seagull ready to place his order, in Florianopolis, Brazil
Sun shining around a palm tree in Ouro Preto ("Black Gold") in Minais Gerais state, Brazil
Surfer in Florianopolis, Brazil
Random big round boulder perched precariously on an outcrop by the sea in Florianopolis, Brazil
Petrobras oil rig near Ilha Grande, Brazil
Boats moored by the sea at Paraty, near Rio, Brazil
Bicycles parked by the kerb in Paraty, Brazil. The streets are flooding due to a very high tide coming in.
A brightly-painted house on a street corner in Paraty, Brazil
Cherry blossoms... I think?
A pair of friendly birds on the Argentinian side of the Iguazu Falls.
Iguazu falls, Brazilian side.
A rest spot and shelter on a hilltop on Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.
Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
Huayna Potosí mountain viewed from La Paz, Bolivia.
Beaten-up old truck in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.
This llama followed us for a couple of miles while we walked on Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca. It felt vaguely threatening (llamas are used to defend sheep from wolves), so we stayed well away... Eek!