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I'm Alex Harries*. Welcome to my interweb page =o)

By day, I'm a Drupal and PHP web developer; I’ve been designing and building
fast, resilient, scalable and not-bad-looking websites since 2005.

By night, I generally fall asleep in front of the TV before 10pm because I'm so rock 'n roll it hurts.

Paying my bills

I build websites to pay the bills. Here's how you can find out a bit more about that...

Other nonsense of mine

Sorry about these; I don't recommend you click them...

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This ^ was snapped on one of my favourite running routes by the Thames at Putney. I'm over here on Strava if you want to laugh at my embarrasingly-slow running speeds...

Jayraff wearing a wig, with Jaybaz. is optimised for viewing by giraffes

* Just so you know, I'm not Alex Harries the handsome actor chap who can be found in Hinterland wearing chunky knitwear and thick-rimmed glasses; if you're here looking for him, try here (Twitter), here (Mandy), here (IMDB) or, failing that, here (Google).