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Online portfolio pieceFordsport Car Club mini-site - single-page scroller site with Zurb-foundation base theme Alex Harries02 years 26 weeks ago
Online portfolio pieceMama Brasil Hostel, São Paulo, Brazil - mobile-first six-language Drupal 7 build Alex Harries02 years 27 weeks ago
PhotographStrike a pose Alex Harries02 years 34 weeks ago
PhotographRandom lamp =o) Alex Harries02 years 34 weeks ago
PhotographFL390 Alex Harries02 years 34 weeks ago
WebformWhat's that? You want to talk to a human being? Alex Harries02 years 34 weeks ago
Blog entryIf you keep seeing "Time Machine completed a verification of your backups. To improve reliability, Time Machine must create a new backup for you", this might help... Alex Harries02 years 35 weeks ago
PageAre aftermarket HID headlights legal in the UK? Will they pass an MOT? What about LED headlights? Alex Harries02 years 37 weeks ago
Blog entrySo it turns out I'm rubbish at keeping this website up to date... Alex Harries02 years 38 weeks ago
Online portfolio pieceI'm not here right now - please leave a message while I'm in South America... :o) Alex Harries02 years 38 weeks ago
PageLooking for a London-based Drupal developer? Alex Harries02 years 42 weeks ago
Blog entryPlease leave your message after the tone... Alex Harries04 years 32 weeks ago
Online portfolio pieceCopenhagen with a 35mm lens: done Alex Harries05 years 3 weeks ago
Online portfolio pieceCreamfields 2012: find all the photos here Alex Harries05 years 15 weeks ago
Online portfolio piecePhoto set: new lens Alex Harries05 years 16 weeks ago
Blog entry#WhenInLondonTown Alex Harries05 years 20 weeks ago
PhotographSunset Alex Harries05 years 21 weeks ago
Blog entryGreyheaddotcodotukay's cookie policy Alex Harries05 years 23 weeks ago
PhotographMister Ben Atkinson Alex Harries05 years 39 weeks ago
PhotographDroichead Samuel Beckett (The Samuel Beckett Bridge), Dublin Alex Harries05 years 50 weeks ago
PhotographAusterity win: my free laptop stand Alex Harries16 years 5 weeks ago
Blog entry(Coding) How to resolve a conflict in Git by choosing {theirs} Alex Harries06 years 6 weeks ago
PhotographNail wraps Alex Harries16 years 8 weeks ago
PhotographBoots Alex Harries06 years 10 weeks ago
Online portfolio Alex Harries06 years 11 weeks ago