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Online portfolio pieceFordsport Car Club mini-site - single-page scroller site with Zurb-foundation base theme Alex Harries01 year 45 weeks ago
Online portfolio pieceMama Brasil Hostel, São Paulo, Brazil - mobile-first six-language Drupal 7 build Alex Harries01 year 45 weeks ago
PhotographStrike a pose Alex Harries02 years 1 day ago
PhotographRandom lamp =o) Alex Harries02 years 1 day ago
PhotographFL390 Alex Harries02 years 1 day ago
WebformWhat's that? You want to talk to a human being? Alex Harries02 years 1 day ago
Blog entryIf you keep seeing "Time Machine completed a verification of your backups. To improve reliability, Time Machine must create a new backup for you", this might help... Alex Harries02 years 1 week ago
PageAre aftermarket HID headlights legal in the UK? Will they pass an MOT? What about LED headlights? Alex Harries02 years 3 weeks ago
Blog entrySo it turns out I'm rubbish at keeping this website up to date... Alex Harries02 years 4 weeks ago
Online portfolio pieceI'm not here right now - please leave a message while I'm in South America... :o) Alex Harries02 years 4 weeks ago
PageLooking for a London-based Drupal developer? Alex Harries02 years 8 weeks ago
Blog entryPlease leave your message after the tone... Alex Harries03 years 50 weeks ago
Online portfolio pieceCopenhagen with a 35mm lens: done Alex Harries04 years 21 weeks ago
Online portfolio pieceCreamfields 2012: find all the photos here Alex Harries04 years 34 weeks ago
Online portfolio piecePhoto set: new lens Alex Harries04 years 34 weeks ago
Blog entry#WhenInLondonTown Alex Harries04 years 38 weeks ago
PhotographSunset Alex Harries04 years 39 weeks ago
Blog entryGreyheaddotcodotukay's cookie policy Alex Harries04 years 41 weeks ago
PhotographMister Ben Atkinson Alex Harries05 years 5 weeks ago
PhotographDroichead Samuel Beckett (The Samuel Beckett Bridge), Dublin Alex Harries05 years 16 weeks ago
PhotographAusterity win: my free laptop stand Alex Harries15 years 23 weeks ago
Blog entry(Coding) How to resolve a conflict in Git by choosing {theirs} Alex Harries05 years 24 weeks ago
PhotographNail wraps Alex Harries15 years 26 weeks ago
PhotographBoots Alex Harries05 years 28 weeks ago
Online portfolio Alex Harries05 years 29 weeks ago