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  • Creation and launch of Pugwash News newspaper
  • Running Pugwash News newspaper and Pugwash magazine

Pugwash News

This was a new project I led at the start of the 2007/2008 academic year, and involved realising and launching a fortnightly student-led newspaper, covering student news, life & style, arts & entertainments, and - crucially for many ;o) - the University’s student sports news. While I took the lead in designing the publication and producing the first two issues, it has been the content written by its contributors - ranging from student volunteers to Union and University staff - who ultimately made sure the publication didn’t fail within the first month. As a result, Pugwash News stood well on its own two feet during its first with the recruitment of a strong team of volunteer student editors who set the publication’s direction and led its development.

Pugwash News newspaper and Pugwash magazine

During my year as Media and Publications Officer at Portsmouth Students' Union, I acted as Editor-In-Chief of the union's student media. In particular, the union's two printed student publications - a long-standing and award-winning student lifestyle magazine, and a newly-launched newspaper. As Editor-In-Chief, it was my responsibility to oversee the maintenance of high editorial standards, to avoid - wherever possible - landing in hot water (a difficult task at times!), and - most importantly in a learning environment - to strive to provide opportunities for the student volunteers to develop their skills, as well as my own. During the year I developed an eye for spelling, punctuation, grammar, excellent and consistent presentation standards, and a thorough understanding of the need to develop and maintain a publication's 'voice'. This was especially important with the newspaper, as although similar publications exist in other students' unions, providing a number of excellent yardsticks, we were operating on largely new ground. Thankfully, with the publication continuing to go from strength to strength in my absence, I think it is fair to say that the combined team effort which I headed up laid an excellent foundation for the publication.