Here's some I made earlier...

Are you looking for a Drupal developer and site builder?

If you are, I'd love to hear from you; please take a look at my CV, say "hi!", or find me on Linked In.

Fordsport Car Club mini-site - single-page scroller site with Zurb-foundation base theme

September 2014: The Fordsport car enthusiasts club is a relaxed, nation-wide way for owners of all makes of Ford, both performance and standard models. The owners wanted a simple-to-use website which let new members find out how to join or get in touch, and to help funnel traffic to their Facebook page.
The hero image on the Fordsport website.

Mama Brasil Hostel, São Paulo, Brazil - mobile-first six-language Drupal 7 build

January 2014: While I was travelling in Brazil, I had this opportunity to design and build a fresh new multi-lingual website for the very lovely hostel I was staying in.
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I'm not here right now - please leave a message while I'm in South America... :o)

May 2013: Greyhead will be taking a break from writing code, ranting on Twitter and drinking too much Sainsbury's wine to spend a month or two in South America
Categories: South America
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Copenhagen with a 35mm lens: done

November 2012: So... I went to Copenhagen in the search for, err, enlightenment.
Portfolio image

Creamfields 2012: find all the photos here

August 2012: Hi! If you're here looking for my Creamfields 2012 photos, you can find all the links below.
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Photo set: new lens

August 2012: I accidentally-kinda-sorta put in an Auction Snipe for a Tokina 11-16mm wide-angle lens the other day. Rather glad I did...
Categories: photography
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Charley Chau: prestige, lovingly-crafted bedding for cats and dogs

August 2010: A fresh project to create a Cath Kidston-esque website, selling a wide range of beautifully-crafted, bright and vibrant pet beds.
The Charley Chau homepage

KSS Postgraduate Deanery redesign and relaunch

June 2009: The Kent, Surrey and Sussex (or "KSS") Postgraduate Deanery is an NHS entity which coordinates the funding and training of NHS doctors from graduation to the end of their training. Their website, at, was based on an ageing and no-longer-supported CMS, and was beset by numerous problems which I outlined in a 70 page report in which I recommended switching to the Drupal CMS.
The KSS Deanery homepage at launch

The Classic Hair Company

November 2008: The Classic Hair Company is a small hairdressing and beauty salon whose old website, a collection of pink-and-sparkly static web pages, was desperately in need of a make-over of its own.
Screenshot of the Classic Hair Company's homepage

September 2004: This was one of my first projects, involving the creation of a static brochureware website for Competition Transmission Services, a small racing and rallysport gearbox building company.
Image of the 'cog' homepage

What's this then?

When I’m not trying to kill myself in the gym or in a swimming pool, or trying to take photos which usually look like they were shot during an earthquake, I tend to push pixels around webpages and - occasionally - posters, newspapers, magazines and other paper-based mediums. Sometimes, I even get paid to do it… ;o)

Apparently, I'm not-too-bad at putting together websites; that means that, once we've worked out what it is you want your website to do, and roughly how you want it to look, I take a content management system (usually Drupal), assemble and configure the various plug-ins needed to make your site do what you want it to, whip up the site's theme via some slicing and dicing in Potatoshop (that's Photoshop for normal people), test it, add in any content you have, and show you how to use the site in a one-to-one training session (well, that's roughly how these things work, but there's always some room for flexibility of course).

If you like what you see here and would like to have a chat, please get in touch.

This is just a small selection of my past work, and I must admit I've been pretty terrible at updating my portfolio with some of my more-recent work. So, while this page isn't necessarily the best or the brightest of my productions, I hope you'll be able to get an idea of my style and how I like to work.