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I clearly need to get out more: when I was in my 'teens, I was a member of the Air Cadets. Had lots of fun, etc etc, yada yada, but one thing which stuck in my memory was the process of polishing a pair of boots or shoes until they gleamed like nothing you'd ever seen - toecaps you could see your face in, constructed from a delicately-applied sheen of shoe polish - were de rigeur as I ambled my way up the ranks in a heady haze of drill preparations, the occasional muddy (and rainy) nitex, and lots of bollockings. I digress...

Mrs Greyhead managed to harness some of this enthusiasm for polished, shiny footwear by roping me in to ensuring her shockingly expensive (but very well-made) boots were waterproofed against the potential hazards one's boots might encounter whilst walking up the high street of Kingston upon Thames. Ok, nothing too much to worry about, but still, they needed a polish.

So, to a backdrop of The Girl With The Pearl Earring (better than The Girl Who Played With Fire by every conceivable metric you can imagine), I found myself buffing and polishing, while Mrs Greyhead had an early night.

I'm not convinced I got the best deal here...

Jellybean room fragrance "thing"

Some numpty

Me time: Traser Classic Chrono Blue watch