New office!

New office!

I've been contracting as a Drupal developer for a little company called NBC (natch ;) for the last few months. During that time, I and the other developers have been stationed in a fairly compact meeting room, based around a table - quite compact, and a bit insular as we were somewhat locked away from other folks in the organisation.

Happily, a couple of weeks ago we moved ourselves downstairs to a floor full of meeja types; every other desk has a TV/VCR displaying one of the company's myriad channels - people sitting at their desks are variously typing away updating EPG information, adding subtitles, or doing any one of the many jobs associated with producing the media output for a broadcaster.

The main benefit for us, of course, is that we now have our own desks. I've never seen so much space which I can call "my own" - I'm seriously* considering installing a hammock for any long weekends we may find ourselves working through.

Oh, and since we were setting up a wireless network to connect to, we thought we'd give it a new name; we chose Kabletown for its 30 Rock-related connotations. No-one outside of the team's spotted it yet or, if they have, they haven't asked us about it. Hopefully if and when they do, the execs will see the funny side. Fingers x'd and all that...

Anyway, onwards and upwards, or something. Oh, and we have a great big kitchen with lots of daylight (huzzah!) and a table football game (which seems to be a default fixture in media organisations, for some reason...?!).

* No, not seriously at all... =o)