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Sad but true, I do a bit of bedroom DJing. Ok, stop laughing - at least it keeps me out of trouble... ;o)

On this page, you can download or subscribe to my house podcast download things. If you subscribe to the podcast, the latest mixes will be automagically delivered to your podcast program, for example iTunes, whenever a new one becomes available. You can then burn them onto CD, pop them on your generic MP3 player, or simply delete them if you don't like 'em ;o)

You can either get the Greyhead podcast delivered to your computer...
You can subscribe to the Greyhead podcast and have it delivered to your computer instead of having to remember to check for new episodes.
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Click the box below and press CTRL and C together (Windows) or command (Apple) and C together (Apple Mac) to copy the feed URL - you can then press CTRL and V / command and V to paste this into your feed reader application.

One-click subscriptions:
These links will try to open this podcast feed in your podcast software, where you will usually be given the choice of previewing the podcast, subscribing, or simply saying "no thanks".

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If you're new to this and have no idea what to do with feed URLs and RSS, try this mini-guide.

... or just download the latest mixes
If you would rather not subscribe, you can still download each episode as a normal audio file to your computer. Each podcast has a "download" link on its tracklisting page - to get to the page, click the podcast link in the list of podcasts, below.

  • On Windows, simply right-click the "download" link next to a podcast and select "save file", "save link", or "save linked file".
  • On Apple Mac, press CTRL and click the "download" link next to a podcast and select "save file", "save link", or "save linked file".
  • For other platforms and browsers, please see your web browser's help documentation.

Latest mixes

  • July 22nd 2008 - a little bit of everything: an hour of eclectic tuneage, from the chilled out sounds of Thievery Corporation and Junior D, via Julien Jabre and Hott 22, right up to Robot Needs Oil, Tom Day, Naughty Queen, Kaskade & Deadmau 5, and a bit of random to finish with.
  • July 12th 2008 - a little bit chunkier: another day, another hour of chunky electro stuff, featuring Jesse Garcia, Tocadisco, D Ramires & Mark Knight, Pryda, Mar-T, Miles Dyson, Enrico da Rosa, Wolfgang Gartner, Nastydirtysexmusic and the Plump DJs :o)
  • July 10th 2008 - where it all begins: an hour of deeper house sounds, featuring Turner, Justin Martin, Kaskade, Chris Lake, Le Trompe, Delerium, Paul Keeley, Kurd Maverick and Jay Lumen

How to subscribe to these podcasts
Podcasts are just audio files which a program on your computer - for example iTunes - can update automagically as new episodes of the podcast are published. Each episode of the Greyhead podcast, for example, is one of my mixes. Programs which can handle podcasts include iTunes, ZENcast and Zune.

You could also use an RSS reader to let you know when a new mix is ready, although RSS readers can't play a podcast for you - usually, you'd need to save the podcast to your computer and open it in your audio program. One of the most common RSS readers is Google Reader (and, again, it's free).

You will need to know the "feed URL" of this podcast - you can find it by scrolling up the page to the box that says "Feed URL".

For other RSS and podcast software, look out for a menu that says "Subscribe".

... this is for fun ;o)