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Droichead Samuel Beckett (The Samuel Beckett Bridge), Dublin

Uploaded a few of my favourite pics from my recent trip to Dublin - you can find them all on this Flickr set. (ps Extra thanks must go to Rich R for the loan of his lens!)

Austerity win: my free laptop stand

I'm working my way through the process of getting my posture sorted out at work, so I've picked myself up an office chair which you kinda kneel on - it doesn't have a back - and perch.

That's all well and good of course, apart from the inevitable and accurate - if slightly-cruel comments - that it looks like a birthing chair, but I also needed to sort out which way my head was pointing; with my tiny laptop and a normal-height desk, I was spending most of my day with my head canted down at a 45-degree angle. Not particularly good for posture!

Anyway, being a tightwad, and not having the patience to wait for a postal delivery even if I could bring myself to spend money on a laptop stand, I decided that the easiest approach would be to nip downstairs to Argos (yup, we have an Argos in our building) and grab some of their catalogues. As an added aesthetic bonus, two catalogues placed spine-to-spine provide a perfectly-sized footprint for my laptop.

Two trips, some huffing-and-puffing, odd looks from Argos staff and a little desk-based feng-shui later et voila! We have ourselves a laptop stand.

Massive win =o)

New office!

I've been contracting as a Drupal developer for a little company called NBC (natch ;) for the last few months. During that time, I and the other developers have been stationed in a fairly compact meeting room, based around a table - quite compact, and a bit insular as we were somewhat locked away from other folks in the organisation.

Happily, a couple of weeks ago we moved ourselves downstairs to a floor full of meeja types; every other desk has a TV/VCR displaying one of the company's myriad channels - people sitting at their desks are variously typing away updating EPG information, adding subtitles, or doing any one of the many jobs associated with producing the media output for a broadcaster.

The main benefit for us, of course, is that we now have our own desks. I've never seen so much space which I can call "my own" - I'm seriously* considering installing a hammock for any long weekends we may find ourselves working through.

Oh, and since we were setting up a wireless network to connect to, we thought we'd give it a new name; we chose Kabletown for its 30 Rock-related connotations. No-one outside of the team's spotted it yet or, if they have, they haven't asked us about it. Hopefully if and when they do, the execs will see the funny side. Fingers x'd and all that...

Anyway, onwards and upwards, or something. Oh, and we have a great big kitchen with lots of daylight (huzzah!) and a table football game (which seems to be a default fixture in media organisations, for some reason...?!).

* No, not seriously at all... =o)

Allotinabox magic wheel

A colleague's friend is venturing into the murky world of business start-ups with a wonderfully-benign plan; sell seeds to weekend gardeners in a lovingly-crafted, detailed manner, under the title "Allotinabox.

The actual growable content of each "Allot-In-A-Box" only accounts for part of the overall product; the rest of the outdoorsy experience includes a cool little wheel which you can use to work out when to plant your seeds, instructions, planners and more. There's even an online community where the boxes' green-fingered owners can go to meet and chat.

It's all rather a lot to find in a box...

Want to live and work in Ibiza? These tips might help you... :o)

Sorry for the random "I know everything" post - I really don't, but a friend just made me extremely jealous by telling me he's moving to Ibiza to work for the rest of the summer. I went out there and survived a couple of months last summer, and he asked me for any pointers or advice I can offer.

Having had one too many Red Bulls this evening, my reply to him, which was only supposed to be a couple of lines long, ended up looking like this.

Fireshot: grab screenshots of webpages with one click

I don't know why I didn't look for this before. Maybe I did but I didn't find anything very good. Anyhoo...

Screenshot of the Fireshot page on MozillaI've just discovered an excellent plugin for Firefox, called Fireshot.

Back to Blighty; now to get a McJob... :o)

Ok, I admit it - my decision to up sticks and head to Ibiza for the summer backfired a bit after I'd been in Ibiza for only one week and realised I was bored as anything.

That's not to say Ibiza is boring - of course not - but after I'd worked my socks off during the winter on a big web development project, I realised very quickly that I missed the daily "fun" (if you can call it that) of trying to make an open source content management system like Drupal do things it doesn't think it's meant to do.

Actually, I should make sure I remember this decision when, in many years' time,

Geeky Drupal-related bootnote: 'HTTP status request fails' - fixed

I've been having a problem for the last couple of weeks with the Drupal website I've been working on where the webserver couldn't resolve any external URLs, which meant that the website couldn't check for updates, send e-mails, or access anything on the internet because it couldn't resolve web addresses through DNS.

The hard part is keeping it...

After a soul-destroyingly long hunt, and possibly the most botched-up example of a job interview I've ever given, I've been offered a job for the next few months working with a division of the NHS on one of their websites, based at London Bridge. Yey!

I can't go into details about *why* I botched the interview - just believe me when I say I couldn't have stuck my foot much further into my mouth if I'd tried. Still, I got the job, so it can't be too awful... Unless they employed me with the sole intention of punishing me for the next few months.


Ross/Brand - how not to let a molehill become a mountain (version 2,137)

This thought-provoking blog entry by the BBC's Steve Bowbrick on how the BBC might have been able to avoid the media storm is well worth a look:

This is interesting for me: in my last job at Portsmouth students' union, I remember trying - and failing - to express as eloquently as Steve has exactly why openness in a crisis is A Good Thing, and this school of thinking - be open and honest with your stakeholders

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