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Looking for a London-based Drupal developer?

Heylo! Unfortunately, I'm not looking for work just now, but if you would like to chat, why not connect with me on LinkedIn?

To see a small selection of some of my previous work, please take a look at my portfolio and read about how I've put together.

Those options again...

Thanks for visiting =o) (this page was last updated on Monday 23rd February 2015)

Fireshot: grab screenshots of webpages with one click

I don't know why I didn't look for this before. Maybe I did but I didn't find anything very good. Anyhoo...

Screenshot of the Fireshot page on MozillaI've just discovered an excellent plugin for Firefox, called Fireshot.

Back to Blighty; now to get a McJob... :o)

Ok, I admit it - my decision to up sticks and head to Ibiza for the summer backfired a bit after I'd been in Ibiza for only one week and realised I was bored as anything.

That's not to say Ibiza is boring - of course not - but after I'd worked my socks off during the winter on a big web development project, I realised very quickly that I missed the daily "fun" (if you can call it that) of trying to make an open source content management system like Drupal do things it doesn't think it's meant to do.

Actually, I should make sure I remember this decision when, in many years' time,

Embarrassment: when your portfolio says all the wrong things about you... ;o)

(Geeky stuff ahead) When you're applying for jobs as a web designer, it would seem logical to make sure that it shows you in a good light.

Shock, horror, etc: computers aren't as clever as we assume...

(More web geekery...)

I occasionally visit's site score analyser to see how's looking to the rest of the world. Last night I popped on there and had a miniature panic attack when it said "Your website appears to be visited so rarely that there is not accurate
popularity information available - i.e. it is not in the top 10 million
or so websites...", giving us a marketing score of 4.5 out of 10.

Note to self: learn this (the BBC's 15 web principles)

(Caution: shameless geekiness ahead): These are, apparently, the BBC's 15 Web Principles which underpin everything they do online. The list comes fresh-ish from the BBC via., a personal blog written by a member of the BBC. They make a lot of sense (well, to pixel-pushing geeks like me, anyway...):

Firefox users: beware Alliance & Leicester online banking

(Kind-of off-topic in a pixel-orientated way, not to mention long-winded, rambling and - arguably - pointless ;o).

Checking my bank account today to see if a transfer I'd arranged between a couple of my A&L accounts had cleared, I was more than a little confused to spot no sign of the transfer, and a mysteriously overdrawn third account.

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