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Ross/Brand - how not to let a molehill become a mountain (version 2,137)

This thought-provoking blog entry by the BBC's Steve Bowbrick on how the BBC might have been able to avoid the media storm is well worth a look:

This is interesting for me: in my last job at Portsmouth students' union, I remember trying - and failing - to express as eloquently as Steve has exactly why openness in a crisis is A Good Thing, and this school of thinking - be open and honest with your stakeholders

Faceberk: you need this in your life

... or, more accurately, on your back - click through the image to buy the Very Reasonably-Priced (and possibly abuse-causing) hoodie:

Ok, wtf - is Facebook taunting me now? ;o)

Look, just because...

A(nother) 2-second Ibiza update

Hello everyone,

I promise this will be a 2 second update. Promise!

  • caught a beautiful sunset last night - pics on Facebook or on Flickr
  • Steph blagged me in to Es Paradis for Pukka Up last night.

Lost your camera? might have it...

This is very random, and very cool - web 2.0 at its best?

Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures.

Hero worship: Andre Jordan of A Beautiful Revolution

Insightful, witty, heartbreaking, funny, cruel, shocking, occasionally bordering on bad taste - A Beautiful Revolution is the work of 40-something Andre Jordan.

What is it with Canada at the moment?!

Right now it seems that everywhere I look, Canada is a hot topic of conversation as a potential place to emigrate, the latest must-see freshly-emerging cultural hotspot, or "miscellaneous other" place of interest.

Pugwash, monkeys, brass monkeys, stupidity, bitchin', geekery, and guilt-free holiday

Apologies for the 50-in-1 update, but I've got loads of equally important (or, if you're a normal human being, equally boring) things to ramble on about...

Recommended student media: Palatinate

Palatinate website screenshot Thanks to the NUS's Media Mailing list thingbob (one of their best-kept secrets), I've just found out about Palatinate, the online version of Durham University SU's fortnightly student newspaper.

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