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Got Firefox? Try our new Google search extension

If you browse the web using Firefox (and if not, why not? Get it here!), you've probably noticed the search box on the top-right of the Firefox window. You can add custom search engines to this list, so you can search a particular website straight from your browser, instead of having to go to the website you want to search first.

Another toy: instant newsletter subscriber

We have another new toy on the site. It's something that's been in the "planning" (i.e. the "thought about it, never got round to doing anything with it") stage for a while now - a one-click way of subscribing to, and unsubscribing from, a newsletter feed.

On we run a few different newsletter lists; the JobShop and Social:Life ones are two of the most commonly-used lists, and the compulsory list (which is used to send urgent broadcast messages to everyone) sees about one message every two months.

Seems April Fools' day produced something useful...

Well, the joy that is waking up to find ketchup in your shoes, the kitchen's contents swapped with the bathroom, a stray poodle in your underwear drawer, the BBC claiming Tardisodes are the next big thing (what do you mean, they weren't a joke?), and TheRegister telling us that China's bought Google, has passed us by for another year.

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