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Avoiding work by doing work (or, "ideas for the UPSU's online media strategy"...)

Hello everyone! I'm currently bashing this out on one of the two massively popular open-access laptops provided at the NUSSL convention

Where does UPSU Media stand?

Radio 1's Newsbeat have responded on the BBC's Editors' blog over their coverage - and Radio 1's handling - of the banning and subsequent un-banning of the word "Faggot" from Fairytale Of New York, and how Newsbeat's coverage may have triggered the public backlash ag

Well, that was interesting... (or "ohmygodthere'sonlysixmonthsleft!")

The office is empty and so quiet it feels like everything's fallen asleep - apart from me and my cup of tea - and once I've cleared my desk and finished playing this Paul Van Dyk mix at ASBO volume, I too am going to be packing up and clearing off home until the start of January.

Freshers' Ball: random is great (plus a few other updates)

The Freshers' Ball line-up - happening on Saturday 20th October - was announced today and I have to say that, with its diverse and slightly eclectic line-up, I'm actually pretty excited about the night. (Sorry for the little plug, but I'm only saying it 'cos I think it's true...!)

Too much to do, too little time (and no clue how to do it)...

Too much going on at the moment to get my head around, and even more I can't begin to work on because I just don't have time...

Quick update

iMacs are here, Media Exec is well underway, wallplanner is back from print, Directory is being worked on at the moment, Pompey Guide ... I have no idea what's happening with the Pompey Guide at the moment... Fraggy is back working for us... Did I mention the iMacs? ;o)

Plagiarising Warwick Uni's good ideas

When it comes to looking for good ideas for UPSU Media, I don't think there's any shame in taking cues from other FE and HE media outlets.

Warwick Uni has a very large base of staff and student blogs on their webpages, with articles ranging from music to democracy and everything in-between. The content is also largely well-written (which makes a change to some of the gumph I spout on these pages ;o).

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