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Sad times at Portsmouth Students' Union as key venues close and staff numbers slashed

There is outrage among students at Portsmouth University after the sudden announcement that the students' union's two nightclub venues are to close at the end of the week, with the loss of up to fifty part- and full-time jobs, in order to make way for an alcohol-free "flexible learning space".

The University of Portsmouth and the students' union's charity, UPSU, have been in discussions on the future of the union's nightclub venues for more than two years.

aRSS'ing about with Facebook fan pages

If there's one thing that's truly awesome about Facebook's new(-ish) fan pages, its our ability to combine them with the huge amounts of visual content we make available through RSS syndication from

UPSU Facebook fan page

Smoothly does it...

A little geeky update - now has the rather posh-looking Smoothgallery by JonDesign running the homepage and Social:Life homepage promo images:


It's even got a very flashy preview gadget when you click on "Show all": 

Homepage hero - show all option

The promos are limited to the newest four to keep page load times reasonable, although I'm trying to educate the editors of the tool that two or three are better... ;o)

The open source part is a simple Javascript library based on the open source Mootools framework, which the University's website has been using for some time now to great effect:

UoP homepage promo

UoP homepage promo

UoP homepage promo

(One thing I'm hoping the University will capitalise on in the near future is their provision of RSS; there's clearly a lot of information on the site, but sometimes its nice when you can get the information delivered to you, and at the moment only the news (and possibly the events) feeds are obviously available).

Most importantly with Smoothgallery, the whole thing decomposes into accessible HTML very gracefully - no Flash here at all.

To get it working on, I had to write a small manager application to let us cue up the images:

Homepage hero manager

... and once I'd thrown that together it was only a very short step from there to put yet another RSS feed on - the latest homepage promos RSS feed:

Homepage hero RSS feed

The gallery itself is a brilliant bit of code, and even a numpty like me was able to very quickly create a version for the Social:Life homepage image feed, too, which you can see on the Social:Life homepage if you really want to!

Anyway, I've only got to do another one of these Really Boring Introductions - for the JobShop - and then I can focus on more interesting things. Like sleep...

Looking back to look forwards...

This week I read with interest a letter printed in Nottingham Students' Union's "Impact" magazine by their Students' Union Community Officer, Lou Green. Mr Green wrote how the first issue of the magazine that year had run with the headline "Shottingham", referring to a shooting which had taken place in the city, and how he felt the headline gave a "false negative stereotype" of the city.

Chin up!

Just came out of the elections candidates' briefing to find this:

Chin up - clamped


Student Portal Watch: it's down again...

The student portal, bane of my life, and the one thing I love to whinge about consistently, is clearly expressing its feelings of neglect on this otherwise romantically-saturated day by throwing yet another paddy, so once again instead of a student portal, we have error messages and lots of strange-looking numbers.

Student Portal Watch: it's down again (grrr)

Yup, I can't be arsed to say any more than this:

  • 1: The student portal has crashed again
  • 2: This isn't the first, second, or third time I've come across this (this year alone - last year was just as big a nightmare...)
  • 3: There's only one solution - drink. And lots of it...


Student portal broken. Again...

Pay As You Drive

An unnamed bright spark at the University has suggested the idea of a pay-as-you-go car rental service to try and reduce car usage.

What worries me is the likelihood of this scheme - which sounds like it's going to be marketed at students - all going a bit wrong.

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