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Sad times at Portsmouth Students' Union as key venues close and staff numbers slashed

There is outrage among students at Portsmouth University after the sudden announcement that the students' union's two nightclub venues are to close at the end of the week, with the loss of up to fifty part- and full-time jobs, in order to make way for an alcohol-free "flexible learning space".

The University of Portsmouth and the students' union's charity, UPSU, have been in discussions on the future of the union's nightclub venues for more than two years.

Blue Peter-stylee...

Elle and Ben get all Blue Peter...

Pugwash News - removing front covers

Homeless tourism

I've just come back from Ravelin Park, where SADO Ben Norman and RAG bods Jenny Leggott and Sarah Blatchford have been bedding down for the night with only cardboard, damp sleeping bags and tarpaulins (err, and each other...) for warmth.

No, they're not trying to recreate a summer picnic atmosphere - not at this time of year, anyway. The event is the University-organised "Sleepout", which has been planned to raise awareness for the homeless population of Portsmouth.

Tentative steps...

The University's marketing machine seems to be making some tentative forays into the world of Web 2.0 marketing as the start of the academic year looms. The Purple Door bods have a "Facebook flyer" (advert) on Facebook advertising their Purple Door graduate recruitment service:

Purple Door Facebook flyer

Where are my marks?!

Once again, I'm complaining about the University - sorry to bang an old drum, but here goes...

For those of us who have had academic issues (or, if you're like me, you've just been a bit too lazy the last year) and have had to take resits during the summer before you can get your final degree mark, you probably already know the marks were decided at a board last Wednesday (or so I'm told).

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