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This month, I have mainly been... (or, "the most boring 1,500 words you'll ever read. Ever")

Since the whole point of us Sabbs having a presence on the front page of is to let the students of Portsmouth know what we're up to, this is a (slightly edited) version of the report us Sabbs present to the Board of Trustees meeting, which takes place monthly at the Union and is used as a way of us all reporting on what's happening with the Union.

Although I'm sure not even the terminally bored would want to read this, here it is anyway. Enjoy! ;o)


Suited 'n booted: Trustees, Lux's future, accounts, Pure:FM's AGM and cancelling Purple Wednesdays

(I wrote this last Friday, but I've only just managed to get this approved by the powers that be, so this entry's a bit late. Sorry!)

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