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Trance lover? Get this (and it's free...)

Earlier this evening, a friend put me on to Tiesto's weekly trance music podcast, called "Tiesto's club life podcast - Radio 538". If you like your trance, you'll almost certainly want to hear this.

Subscribe via the iTunes store (search for Tiesto and look under "podcasts"), jump to the XML podcast feed (copy and paste the URL into iTunes or whatever generic MP3 player you use), or (if you read Dutch), find out more here.


This tune reminded me today - with rain pouring down outside, coursework on the laptop and the logistical requirements of my imminent house move gnawing away at the back of my mind - that there's a big world out there with a beautiful soundtrack.

I need to get my arse to Ibiza this summer, before I get too old to enjoy it ;o)

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