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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a fat man on a treadmill...

I am a fat b'stard. No, don't all rush to argue with me - it's the truth and one which stares at me every time I look down. Assuming stomachs can "stare"... Maybe they can't. I'll look for a better metaphor later...

Anyway, for the last six weeks-or-so, I've been doing something wholly unheard of for me - I've been voluntarily exercising, and watching what I eat and drink. Every single day. Shocking, but true.

Getting fit, getting run over, work/life balance, and annoying everyone in the office (again)...

A few days ago I looked downwards and had to lean over my ever-growing
gut to see what shoes I had on (flip-flops, of course), so yesterday I
decided to make an effort to start getting fit. In all fairness, Ed
& Rep Sabb Andy Machin
was also starting his training regime, so I've really just stolen his

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