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A toy for the new toy - TomTom traffic receiver

I seem to have an unnatural fear of subscribing to anything which requires payments to keep it running, so instead of trying out TomTom's own traffic information service - which costs €40 a year plus the cost of data over your mobile phone from TomTom - I've picked up an RDS-TMC aerial which is supposed to pick up traffic status information encoded in FM radio broadcasts, which the TomTom will then use to warn you about incidents on your route. It cost


I'm stupid

No, no, don't all rush to argue with me on this point: my resolve is steadfast. No longer am I prepared to stand idly by while the world fails to notice my greatness (in being stupid, that is).

Y'see, I've just worked out why my Media Center (made from old PC parts, empty toilet rolls and requiring occasional servicing with a large hammer...) was saying there's no TV guide information available after I rebuilt it last night following the power supply blowing up - quite spectacularly - almost two months ago to the day.

TomTom problems sorted (kinda...)

Little update - it looks like I won't need to name and shame the high street retailer who sold me a used TomTom GO 510 as "new": they replaced it and I upgraded (for an extra


Not a happy bunny thanks to TomTom and a certain high street retailer...

I've just re-packaged up the TomTom Go 510 I bought this afternoon from a well-known high street retailer. The first thing I noticed when I got it home was that the seal on the memory card's container - which you have to break to use the TomTom - was already broken. Someone had already been there, and like finding one's toilet seat still warm when you go to use it, there's a certain associated feeling which isn't entirely nice. Of course, things just went downhill from there...

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