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Twittervision - pointless but hypnotising

This is absolutely fascinating - twittervision pops up status updates from people around the world. Totally pointless, yet totally absorbing (more from timesonline).

Bank Customer sends bailiffs into his bank...

I wrote a little while back about taking my bank to court.

Fancy a brain workout? (courtesy of Timesonline) is running a daily 15 minute brain exercise thing - you get 15 minutes to answer 5 questions, with a new set of questions being posed each day, for example "rearrange these 8 sets of 3 letters into four groups of 6 to work out what the scrambled words are: ...." (I spent 8 minutes on that one, was about to give up and the answer popped into my head - who says the subconscious mind doesn't help us out? ;o).

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