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You've not done Ibiza until you've missed your flight home... ;o)

Hola cheeky-cheekies! It's been a long time since I've actually gotten off my lardy posterior to let you know what's been happening on the madness that is the white isle, so this is probably going to be a helluva long update. Here goes... ;o)

Since I last wrote to you all, I've made it back to Ibiza, and blagged myself a job as a laughing gas sales monkey at one of the bars on the West End strip. The pay was 100% commission - 1 euro per balloon sold (each balloon is 5 euros), but it turned out to be one of the easiest jobs I've ever done:.

Trance lover? Get this (and it's free...)

Earlier this evening, a friend put me on to Tiesto's weekly trance music podcast, called "Tiesto's club life podcast - Radio 538". If you like your trance, you'll almost certainly want to hear this.

Subscribe via the iTunes store (search for Tiesto and look under "podcasts"), jump to the XML podcast feed (copy and paste the URL into iTunes or whatever generic MP3 player you use), or (if you read Dutch), find out more here.

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