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Some summery photos

I've been wandering around wielding a camera again. Some of the results are below (click to see a larger size, or find more here).

Thank you for humouring me...

My tuuuune of the summer: Knee Deep - All About Love

This is, without doubt, the soundtrack to my summer so far. Beautiful :o)

YouTube - Knee Deep - All About Love.


End of days

It's half one in the morning, and I'm standing in the glare of a spotlight so bright, people watching me should be able to tell what I had for breakfast (a healthy sandwich, by the way. Who needs cereal?). In front of me, four boys and four girls are downing pints in a battle of the sexes boat race, and to my left, DJ Mark and Sidekick (sorry, don't know his name) are egging them on.

Yes, I'm back playing ents monkey - doing a bit of sound engineering/light operating/DJing/whatever-it-takes-to-make-it-work - for one night only.

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