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Global Gathering photos fail :o(

I've only just got round to unpacking my camera bag from Global Gathering and it looks like one of my camera's memory cards - with about 750 photos on it - is still somewhere at Long Marston Airfield.

I am absolutely gutted :o( Sorry to anyone whose photo I took before about 2am, as your pic would have been on that card.

I'll post up the best of the remaining 300-ish photos when I've worked through them. It looks like I should be able to upload them to the GG website, and I'll send them over to my flickr page as well.

Cheers 'n sorry!

Back to Blighty; now to get a McJob... :o)

Ok, I admit it - my decision to up sticks and head to Ibiza for the summer backfired a bit after I'd been in Ibiza for only one week and realised I was bored as anything.

That's not to say Ibiza is boring - of course not - but after I'd worked my socks off during the winter on a big web development project, I realised very quickly that I missed the daily "fun" (if you can call it that) of trying to make an open source content management system like Drupal do things it doesn't think it's meant to do.

Actually, I should make sure I remember this decision when, in many years' time,

Embarrassment: when your portfolio says all the wrong things about you... ;o)

(Geeky stuff ahead) When you're applying for jobs as a web designer, it would seem logical to make sure that it shows you in a good light.

Crazy idea number 34,557: your thoughts are needed...

For those of you who are missing the updates from the white isle, there will be one along very shortly - I have LOADS of stuff to tell you about.

For those of you who hate being spammed by me, watch out: there's an update coming shortly, and I've got LOADS to annoy you with...

Pugwash, monkeys, brass monkeys, stupidity, bitchin', geekery, and guilt-free holiday

Apologies for the 50-in-1 update, but I've got loads of equally important (or, if you're a normal human being, equally boring) things to ramble on about...

This. Is. Not. Good. :o(

While I freely admit I am the maker of much of my own troubles, I don't think anyone can accuse me of being responsible for my laptop's hard drive crashing in spectacular style tonight. Now I have one very dead 'pooter with all of my work, music, e-mails, to-dos, projects, and assorted other vitally important work information on, and no way of getting to it unless I can find

I know I should feel proud, but...

... this seems just a little excessive:

 601 requests...


A smashing time...

In a fit of domesticity last week I decided to take advantage of the flatmate being away and did some hoovering, tidying and, the cause of my undoing, a little bit of wiping-of-flat-surfaces. With my hands still damp from cleaning the cooker, I lifted - successfully - and tried to move - unsuccessfully - the big bowl full of decorative glass beads (ok, so I'm an Ikea victim - get over it... ;o).

This was the unfortunate result, as my freshly-hoovered floor saw an explosion of hundreds of glass beads and a very broken bowl...

Where does UPSU Media stand?

Radio 1's Newsbeat have responded on the BBC's Editors' blog over their coverage - and Radio 1's handling - of the banning and subsequent un-banning of the word "Faggot" from Fairytale Of New York, and how Newsbeat's coverage may have triggered the public backlash ag

Alex's Christmas tip #344...

Christmas tip #344 is brought to you in association with Araldite:

  • Wrapping Christmas presents with birthday paper (even if it's turned inside-out) and using superglue because you don't have any sellotape is neither big, nor clever. Especially when it's 3a.m. on Christmas morning.

Oops... ;o)

Happy Christmas everyone! /al

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