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A common problem

(This post was originally published on my work blog)

It is strangely encouraging to see that, about the same time that Pugwash News was suffering its own dramas during issue 9 this year, Imperial College Union's Felix newspaper was suffering as a result of non-editorial pressure to censor itself.

This isn't going to be a rant - or any kind of discussion - about the

Recommended student media: Palatinate

Palatinate website screenshot Thanks to the NUS's Media Mailing list thingbob (one of their best-kept secrets), I've just found out about Palatinate, the online version of Durham University SU's fortnightly student newspaper.

Reading around the subject

If you're in the market for something interesting to read, you could definitely do worse than take a look at University College London SU's PI Magazine, which has a fascinating piece by one of its student journalists on their take on student "apathy" at their Union.

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