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End of days

It's half one in the morning, and I'm standing in the glare of a spotlight so bright, people watching me should be able to tell what I had for breakfast (a healthy sandwich, by the way. Who needs cereal?). In front of me, four boys and four girls are downing pints in a battle of the sexes boat race, and to my left, DJ Mark and Sidekick (sorry, don't know his name) are egging them on.

Yes, I'm back playing ents monkey - doing a bit of sound engineering/light operating/DJing/whatever-it-takes-to-make-it-work - for one night only.

A bit of common sense

I was interested to read that the use of the so-called "Date Rape" drugs is a lot less widespread than the hype would suggest, with the ACPO study suggesting that the biggest cause of alleged sexual assaults being alcohol.

I'm the last person to blow the Union's trumpet, but I think it's fair to say that UPSU and UPEL have gone - and hopefully always will go -

Welcome to the weekend...

(The tooth is out. I'll refrain from posting the picture of the remains since there's little point apart from the "ewww" factor which you could probably find easily enough elsewhere on the 'net...!)

Another toy: instant newsletter subscriber

We have another new toy on the site. It's something that's been in the "planning" (i.e. the "thought about it, never got round to doing anything with it") stage for a while now - a one-click way of subscribing to, and unsubscribing from, a newsletter feed.

On we run a few different newsletter lists; the JobShop and Social:Life ones are two of the most commonly-used lists, and the compulsory list (which is used to send urgent broadcast messages to everyone) sees about one message every two months.

MSN Messenger as a way of advertising?

A while back, one of the more technically-minded members of the UPSU team mentioned that there were people using MSN Messenger as a way of sending out advertisements. Naturally I assumed the worst and - choking on my instant coffee - decried it as a cheap way of spamming users of instant messenger programs, and another intrusion on peoples' privacy.

As usual, I slightly jumped the gun.

Seems April Fools' day produced something useful...

Well, the joy that is waking up to find ketchup in your shoes, the kitchen's contents swapped with the bathroom, a stray poodle in your underwear drawer, the BBC claiming Tardisodes are the next big thing (what do you mean, they weren't a joke?), and TheRegister telling us that China's bought Google, has passed us by for another year.

Blimey, what a night!!

Well, that's it; the Elections 2006 are over and done with. Six people have a job next year - no more tax dodging (at least for 12-ish months) while ten others have only the tattered remnants of their campaign trail to reflect on. Or at least an impending hangover given the results are announced in a perfect place to drown your sorrows for not-a-lot-of-money...

How NOT to do a film night...

... in one simple step: forget to connect up the centre channel on 5.1 surround sound.

The result? Since most of the vocals in a movie go through the centre channel, as well as most of the "on screen" sound, you get some strangely quiet actors.


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