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Strike a pose

Loco's Shit Party is a bit of an Ibiza workers' tradition, having run for 11 years now every August near San Antonio. In the last few years, a reunion party has been held in London for workers to dance off the winter and post-Ibizan blues and do a spot of reminiscing.

While I didn't make it out to Ibiza in 2010, I wandered down to the reunion to catch up with some old faces, and went armed with the camera. During the course of the night I got chatting to a few randoms, including this lady.

I like this photo because, apart from hitting Potatoshop's auto-contrast button, it hasn't been re-touched at all.

Not - I should emphasise - that judgement played any part in getting this photo. I think I was probably doing my usual trick of not-even-looking-through-the-viewfinder as I took it, so any apparent technical ability in this pic was all thanks to luck.

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