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Yahoo! Pipes! Is! Very! ... err, geeky. And useful...

Unashamedly geeky blog post-thing: Yahoo!'s pipes toy has been around for a while, and lets you do some very interesting things with data, one of them being combining RSS feeds. I discovered it today while avoiding doing real work...

Yahoo! pipes

aRSS'ing about with Facebook fan pages

If there's one thing that's truly awesome about Facebook's new(-ish) fan pages, its our ability to combine them with the huge amounts of visual content we make available through RSS syndication from

UPSU Facebook fan page

Today, I have mainly been annoying everyone...

You know those days where you get comfy on the sofa and just, well, vegetate? I tend to do something similar at work - I just park up at the desk and start working through my Never Ending To Do List (TM). Ok, so it's not as relaxing, but I guess it helps to get things done.

Coming soon - Pure:FM direct from

FM now and next
I've just had a quick chat with Carl, Pure:FM's resident web guru, and he's beginning work on a brilliant little pop-up Pure:FM player.

This will mean no more having to hunt around Purefmdotcom to find out how to listen to their shows; you'll just have to click a link on any UPSU page (in the "now and next" box - pic somewhere on the right there) and away you go.

Now that's quite funky - your blog on Facebook...

I've just found that Facebook lets me keep a feed from this blog on my profile. Blogtastic! (Sorry... I get a bit Smashey & Nicey sometimes... ;o) ).

Does this mean I'm going to have to make an effort to write about interesting things now...?


Weather: where do I stick it?

UPSU homepage weather boxWhen I go to the UPSU homepage, I see things a little differently to most people because I have a couple of bits of content loaded in a "hidden" box - great while I'm working on new toys for the site.

Pugwash gets RSSified, Blogs fixed, and more little touches

Pugwash RSS

In its first day of being online, Pugwash's homepage has had over 400 hits. Which is nice.

Rain, iTunes 7 and UPSU homepage polishing

It's pouring down outside! Ravelin Park is ankle-deep in water in places, the street lights are back on at 8.30am, people are walking along looking like they've just been for a swim in their work clothes, and Pete Hooley is having to walk around bare-foot nursing his lighter back to health after one of his pedals fell off his bike on the way to work.

Basically, everyone's a bit damp - a nice start to my first day back to work in three weeks!

Another toy: instant newsletter subscriber

We have another new toy on the site. It's something that's been in the "planning" (i.e. the "thought about it, never got round to doing anything with it") stage for a while now - a one-click way of subscribing to, and unsubscribing from, a newsletter feed.

On we run a few different newsletter lists; the JobShop and Social:Life ones are two of the most commonly-used lists, and the compulsory list (which is used to send urgent broadcast messages to everyone) sees about one message every two months.

How many more jokes about aRSSes can I make...?

At last, I think the RSS system can be finally put to bed for at least the next couple of months - the last few days have been spent finishing off the extensions to the RSS system. now boasts one of the most comprehensive syndication systems anywhere (ironic timing of course - Summer is the Union's quietest period, so there's not likely to be much happening over the next two months...!).

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