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Getting lippy...

Getting lippy...

"Get out of the fucking taxi so I can fight you, or I'll fucking glass you right there" shouted the irate London-accented man to my friend Neil*.

Rewind two minutes and my latest new friends Louisa and Neil had decided, after leaving it far too late to get a taxi to El Divino before their guestlist closed, that the only possible way of getting there was to jump in the front of the 40-string queue at the taxi rank at the bottom of the West End strip in San An.

No photos, a bit more travelling, Clubland, Garlands, knife-point muggings at Ket Cove, The Only Female Policewoman, DC10? and Forgetting Sarah Marshall with pizza ;o)

Hola de EspaƱa, cheeky-cheekies!


"You cannot bring camera in here," barked the neo-Neanderthal bouncer in broken English.

"Whuh?" was my eloquently-phrased reply.

"You cannot bring camera in here. You from Tillatedotcom?"

"Err, no, I--"

"You cannot bring camera in here, then" repeated the droid.


It was at this point that my evening photographing the Clubland night - featuring A-list superstars Kelly Llorenna and Flip 'n Fill (hey, there's no sarcasm here) came to a sudden and unexpected halt.

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