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Homeless tourism

I've just come back from Ravelin Park, where SADO Ben Norman and RAG bods Jenny Leggott and Sarah Blatchford have been bedding down for the night with only cardboard, damp sleeping bags and tarpaulins (err, and each other...) for warmth.

No, they're not trying to recreate a summer picnic atmosphere - not at this time of year, anyway. The event is the University-organised "Sleepout", which has been planned to raise awareness for the homeless population of Portsmouth.

Freshers' Ball: random is great (plus a few other updates)

The Freshers' Ball line-up - happening on Saturday 20th October - was announced today and I have to say that, with its diverse and slightly eclectic line-up, I'm actually pretty excited about the night. (Sorry for the little plug, but I'm only saying it 'cos I think it's true...!)

Blimey, what a night!!

Well, that's it; the Elections 2006 are over and done with. Six people have a job next year - no more tax dodging (at least for 12-ish months) while ten others have only the tattered remnants of their campaign trail to reflect on. Or at least an impending hangover given the results are announced in a perfect place to drown your sorrows for not-a-lot-of-money...

Comments - almost ready...!

Well, it's been a couple of very long days. I've been tied up with the forums, blogs and commenting system. The forums and blogs have been seeing more pixel-pushing and a lot of sub-standard code has been re-written to improve the reliability of both systems.

The main bulk of today's work was getting the commenting system ready to turn on. The basics were already in place - people could write a comment and click a button, and an administrator could then decide whether they wanted it displayed or not.

What's been happening at lately?

Last week I went back to my parents' house for a few days to try and concentrate on the website. I ended up dismantling my car's steering trying to fix some weird handling and got practically no work done, so this week has been a hectic mix of lectures and pixel-pushing.

Getting the RAG re-launch online

Yesterday I gatecrashed one of the first of the RAG relaunch planning meetings; the RAG relaunch, which starts at Purple Wednesdays on Feb 15th, is a great excuse for a load of fund-raising antics, so I'm hoping to be able to get a new mini-site organised for the RAG people, with a load of interesting content and maybe even a way of donating some money online - maybe (maybe!) a PayPal donation thingy? Plus photo galleries, information about various RAG events, and so on.

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