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Videotastic question time fun

This evening was the first of the four candidates' question times, with video being recorded (I think?) for the first time. Tallie Kane (reviews editor), Jacob (news editor), Luke (web editor) and Hannah (Pure FM sec) came along and helped out, broadcasting the evening's events to literally billions* of listeners, and videoing the night's proceedings - hopefully the videos should be up on our YouTube stream soon (i.e. once I or another kind soul processes them).

Here's where we're at...

The Union Council report of a Media & Publifications Numpty, aged 19 and 36/4...

This month, UPSU’s media bods have mainly been focusing their attention on…

Happy New Year, JobShops, elections, sabbs, media, and other ramblings...

A happy new year to you all out there in readerland. We're in the middle of putting together issue 7 of Pugwash News, the first (hopefully of many!) for 2008.

I hope you all spent at least some of your free time over the holidays taking a break from coursework and/or the obligatory part-time job almost every University student I've ever known has had to take on to pay the bills.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Ibiza I go...

Kevin and Perry go large (c) BBC
Tomorrow afternoon, I'm hopping on to a flight to Ibiza for a couple of days of being "PR"'d by Making Waves, the PR company tasked with promoting the forthcoming Malibu Soundclash event at the Union on the 19th October.

Last PWs: busy!

There's a line of energetic, suntan-sporting, beach apparel-wearing students queuing outside the Union already - it's not even 8pm yet - reaching at least to the entrance to Blackwells. Meanwhile, the downstairs of the Union's pretty much full, and people are stacking up in the beer garden outside Waterhole.

Cheers everyone! Enjoy your night, and enjoy the last few days of the year :o) /al

An indecent proposal

I have, for the last month-and-a-bit, been steadily working on a proposal for a small cluster of iMacs to grace the UPSU Media Suite. I'm just proof-reading and editing a "not-quite-final" draft, which is - at the moment - exactly 20 pages long.

A night at the movies (no popcorn, though...)

It's about half nine on Saturday 5th May. Portsmouth Guildhall is packed full of scrubbed, polished and groomed sports bods. Sports Sabb Jodie Austin is in charge of the mic, and up on stage, a little bald Spanish chap by the name of Fraggy is looking like he's about to have a heart attack as he prays - and prays, and prays, and prays - that the AU Dinner video, the result of two weeks' solid work* from him and Mike Cooter, works first time when he hits "play"...

Suited 'n booted: Trustees, Lux's future, accounts, Pure:FM's AGM and cancelling Purple Wednesdays

(I wrote this last Friday, but I've only just managed to get this approved by the powers that be, so this entry's a bit late. Sorry!)

Happy damned Hallowe'en!

Right, this just isn't funny. Fraggy and I are stuck in the Sabb office. It's almost 10pm, and we're neck-deep in PWs hell.

Meanwhile, outside, 1,500 people are either queueing patiently, queueing not-so-patiently, or inside the Union having some Tuesday-night fun.

It's just not fair - I want to go play!

If it can go wrong... (aka "Cheerleaders wanted")

... it will. Fraggy and I are having a late-night PWs creating session after everything got left till the last minute.

He's having to learn how to use Quark on the Macbook Pro 'cos his PC's having a bit of an off day (ok, it's pretty much had its chips...), and thanks to the joy of Microsoft fonts, he's installed Rockwell on the Mac and it's managed to completely stop Quark from opening.

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