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I don't like to blow my own trumpet, buuuut....

... here's the new Media homepage:

New UPSU Media homepage

As usual, send comments, suggestions, and reports of any factual errors to somebody else, 'cos I don't care (ok, I'm joking - contact me here if you need to :o).

Today, I have mainly been annoying everyone...

You know those days where you get comfy on the sofa and just, well, vegetate? I tend to do something similar at work - I just park up at the desk and start working through my Never Ending To Do List (TM). Ok, so it's not as relaxing, but I guess it helps to get things done.

Suited 'n booted: Trustees, Lux's future, accounts, Pure:FM's AGM and cancelling Purple Wednesdays

(I wrote this last Friday, but I've only just managed to get this approved by the powers that be, so this entry's a bit late. Sorry!)

Coming soon - Pure:FM direct from

FM now and next
I've just had a quick chat with Carl, Pure:FM's resident web guru, and he's beginning work on a brilliant little pop-up Pure:FM player.

This will mean no more having to hunt around Purefmdotcom to find out how to listen to their shows; you'll just have to click a link on any UPSU page (in the "now and next" box - pic somewhere on the right there) and away you go.

My dirty secret: I want to be a Sabb...

Yes, it's true - I'm running in the 2007 Sabbatical elections.

I'm running for the Media & Publications position, because it's the area in which I have worked almost constantly for the last 4 years, and because I think I could probably do a fairly good - ok, a very good job of it.

That, of course, is assuming I don't insert my foot in my mouth any more than is absolutely necessary, that I don't upset too many people, and that I don't inadvertently break the rules due to me being daft.

Woohoo, I got me a Pure:FM radio show!!

Ok, this is a bit scary - I've just been told I have a radio show on Pure:FM, starting tomorrow evening.

So that gives me a mere 24 hours to prepare a house and chillout show. Should be interesting then... Eep!

You can listen online at - I'll be on from 7pm to 9pm, assuming nothing goes horribly wrong. I'll probably cheat for the first show by playing a mix I recorded last year for most of it as I have a ridiculously busy day tomorrow.

Bring on the Perverts!

So tomorrow night is the Grad Ball. Adrian and myself have about 26 hours to pick out some tuneage to entertain the crowds with after the Scratch Perverts play their set, 'cos apparently we're playing *after* the Perverts in CO2, and Pure:FM have the pleasure of doing the warm-up.

First Dave Pearce, now the Scratch Perverts...

This year's been a record-breaker for the Grad Ball - apparently (and I'm happy to be proven wrong on this...), the Grad Ball has never sold out before. Not ever.

Pure FM everywhere you look

If you hadn't noticed the great big purple box on the top right of every page on the site, have you gone blind?! ;o) We've finally started making use of Pure FM's RSS feed to show a real-time list of what shows are on the air - now all you have to do is click "tune in" to check out what's on the air.

I might shrink it a bit though - it's a bit tall...!

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