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A common problem

(This post was originally published on my work blog)

It is strangely encouraging to see that, about the same time that Pugwash News was suffering its own dramas during issue 9 this year, Imperial College Union's Felix newspaper was suffering as a result of non-editorial pressure to censor itself.

This isn't going to be a rant - or any kind of discussion - about the

How (not) to make an impression with the Secretary of State...

Just a quick footnote: I had the pleasure of meeting not only the University Vice-Chancellor (i.e. University top bod) John Craven yesterday - and for once it wasn't to receive what amounts to a bollocking for printing articles of questionable veracity in Pugwash News - but also the Secretary of State, John Denham.

News editor Jacob Leverett was given the potentially career-defining opportunity of interviewing the minister, with a clean-slate interview (i.e. we weren't proscribed any questions), and Jacob, after the inevitable nervousness, handled the task with aplomb.

Pugwash, monkeys, brass monkeys, stupidity, bitchin', geekery, and guilt-free holiday

Apologies for the 50-in-1 update, but I've got loads of equally important (or, if you're a normal human being, equally boring) things to ramble on about...

Videotastic question time fun

This evening was the first of the four candidates' question times, with video being recorded (I think?) for the first time. Tallie Kane (reviews editor), Jacob (news editor), Luke (web editor) and Hannah (Pure FM sec) came along and helped out, broadcasting the evening's events to literally billions* of listeners, and videoing the night's proceedings - hopefully the videos should be up on our YouTube stream soon (i.e. once I or another kind soul processes them).

Here's where we're at...

The Union Council report of a Media & Publifications Numpty, aged 19 and 36/4...

This month, UPSU’s media bods have mainly been focusing their attention on…

Blue Peter-stylee...

Elle and Ben get all Blue Peter...

Pugwash News - removing front covers


It's inevitable that any student volunteering organisation will suffer some turnover - churn - among its membership throughout the year.

Where does UPSU Media stand?

Radio 1's Newsbeat have responded on the BBC's Editors' blog over their coverage - and Radio 1's handling - of the banning and subsequent un-banning of the word "Faggot" from Fairytale Of New York, and how Newsbeat's coverage may have triggered the public backlash ag

Happy New Year, JobShops, elections, sabbs, media, and other ramblings...

A happy new year to you all out there in readerland. We're in the middle of putting together issue 7 of Pugwash News, the first (hopefully of many!) for 2008.

I hope you all spent at least some of your free time over the holidays taking a break from coursework and/or the obligatory part-time job almost every University student I've ever known has had to take on to pay the bills.

Well, that was interesting... (or "ohmygodthere'sonlysixmonthsleft!")

The office is empty and so quiet it feels like everything's fallen asleep - apart from me and my cup of tea - and once I've cleared my desk and finished playing this Paul Van Dyk mix at ASBO volume, I too am going to be packing up and clearing off home until the start of January.

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