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Apologies for the 50-in-1 update, but I've got loads of equally important (or, if you're a normal human being, equally boring) things to ramble on about...

Here's where we're at...

The Union Council report of a Media & Publifications Numpty, aged 19 and 36/4...

This month, UPSU’s media bods have mainly been focusing their attention on…


It's inevitable that any student volunteering organisation will suffer some turnover - churn - among its membership throughout the year.

Where does UPSU Media stand?

Radio 1's Newsbeat have responded on the BBC's Editors' blog over their coverage - and Radio 1's handling - of the banning and subsequent un-banning of the word "Faggot" from Fairytale Of New York, and how Newsbeat's coverage may have triggered the public backlash ag

Happy New Year, JobShops, elections, sabbs, media, and other ramblings...

A happy new year to you all out there in readerland. We're in the middle of putting together issue 7 of Pugwash News, the first (hopefully of many!) for 2008.

I hope you all spent at least some of your free time over the holidays taking a break from coursework and/or the obligatory part-time job almost every University student I've ever known has had to take on to pay the bills.

Well, that was interesting... (or "ohmygodthere'sonlysixmonthsleft!")

The office is empty and so quiet it feels like everything's fallen asleep - apart from me and my cup of tea - and once I've cleared my desk and finished playing this Paul Van Dyk mix at ASBO volume, I too am going to be packing up and clearing off home until the start of January.


Apologies for not posting what I've been up to lately - there's a helluvalot going on, but I've been remarkably unmotivated to put words in the blog to explain what's been going on, as I've been working hard to keep my head above the workload. Nothing new there though - maybe I should cut back on Facebook during the work day...? ;o)

The first ever Pugwash Show (live blog thing)

Ok, this was interesting - Gamel (Pugwash mag editor), Jacob (Pugwash/Pugwash News news editor) and I were squeezed into the Pure FM studios with Pure FM's Fred Bradley to put together our first Pugwash show. Here's what happened...

Tune in live here to see how it all goes...

Freshers' Ball: random is great (plus a few other updates)

The Freshers' Ball line-up - happening on Saturday 20th October - was announced today and I have to say that, with its diverse and slightly eclectic line-up, I'm actually pretty excited about the night. (Sorry for the little plug, but I'm only saying it 'cos I think it's true...!)

An indecent proposal

I have, for the last month-and-a-bit, been steadily working on a proposal for a small cluster of iMacs to grace the UPSU Media Suite. I'm just proof-reading and editing a "not-quite-final" draft, which is - at the moment - exactly 20 pages long.

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