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Sad times at Portsmouth Students' Union as key venues close and staff numbers slashed

There is outrage among students at Portsmouth University after the sudden announcement that the students' union's two nightclub venues are to close at the end of the week, with the loss of up to fifty part- and full-time jobs, in order to make way for an alcohol-free "flexible learning space".

The University of Portsmouth and the students' union's charity, UPSU, have been in discussions on the future of the union's nightclub venues for more than two years.

Bye bye, Portsmouth!

(This has been lifted from my UPSU work blog)

Well folks, that's all from me. As of 5pm last night I ceased to be an employee of the University of Portsmouth Students' Union. Tom Worman has officially taken over the reins of the Media & Publications Officer role, and as I speak is probably swinging 50 new projects into action.

I've been employed by the Union in one capacity or another for one month short of the last six years, so it's quite strange to think that yesterday was the last time I'd be poking around the place as an employee.

Two weeks left - time's ticking...

I've just realised that I only have two weeks left in office. That's two weeks to change the world, train Tom (my successor) in changing the world, write a whole raft of training documentation for Tom and whoever else is unfortunate enough to have to tidy up my mess after I'm gone, and God-knows what else.

Fun times ahead indeed... ;o)

Photography fun at Jongleurs

Yesterday evening was spent at Jongleurs nightclub in Portsmouth's rather-upmarket* Gunwharf Quays taking some pics.

Jongleurs Portsmouth, 12-07-2008 - 23

It's my first time using the D50 in a nightclub, and - photography geek mode on - I seemed to get bette

This could have been much, much worse... (or, "did you mean to park that there?")

Before I say anything else, I want to make it absolutely clear that no-one was injured in this incident. Oh, and this post is only work-related in as much as I was on my lunch break when it happened so, err, it's not work-related at all... Oh, and this is quite a non-event really, so don't read it expecting tales of heroics or great action, etc. ;o)

Crushed bike stands

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