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Droichead Samuel Beckett (The Samuel Beckett Bridge), Dublin

Uploaded a few of my favourite pics from my recent trip to Dublin - you can find them all on this Flickr set. (ps Extra thanks must go to Rich R for the loan of his lens!)

Video: 24 hours of Global Gathering 2009

So I got bored last night, and found that Picasa can turn a photo album into a video, so I put my 1,000-ish photos from last weekend in and this came out the other end... :o)

Global Gathering photos fail :o(

I've only just got round to unpacking my camera bag from Global Gathering and it looks like one of my camera's memory cards - with about 750 photos on it - is still somewhere at Long Marston Airfield.

I am absolutely gutted :o( Sorry to anyone whose photo I took before about 2am, as your pic would have been on that card.

I'll post up the best of the remaining 300-ish photos when I've worked through them. It looks like I should be able to upload them to the GG website, and I'll send them over to my flickr page as well.

Cheers 'n sorry!

Some summery photos

I've been wandering around wielding a camera again. Some of the results are below (click to see a larger size, or find more here).

Thank you for humouring me...

The BNP as MEPs?

I have no doubt that minds far greater, and far better educated in matters of politics than mine, will debate for some time yet how it came to be that the British National Party has secured itself a seat in the European Parliament.

Since I am a political atheist (yup, I don't believe in politics, Santa Claus or council tax...)

Random: fireworks wallpapers for download

Fancy some new wallpapers?

Surviving Ibiza for 2 months without getting arrested, sold into slavery or turned into a sex slave? Done

Well folks, tonight's my last night on the White Isle, and I've got to admit I've got mixed feelings about going. On the one hand, pretty much everything's closed and everyone's gone home, so there's less than feck all to do out here now (not to mention the fact that I'll have nowhere to live come tomorrow night anyway!), but on the other hand I've now got to go back to London, sort out my shit, a job, some money, and somewhere to live.

Pugwash, monkeys, brass monkeys, stupidity, bitchin', geekery, and guilt-free holiday

Apologies for the 50-in-1 update, but I've got loads of equally important (or, if you're a normal human being, equally boring) things to ramble on about...

The week in pics...

Woohoo - my new sub arrived. Bugger - it's been dropped in transit and totally ruined. How many stamps does a 30KG package need to get to Germany? >-(

Today, I have mainly been...

... taking random photos:

Indian Summer at the Union - woo, sunshine!!

Indian Summer at the Union - woo, sunshine!!

Students enjoy the sunshine with a drink outside in the sun. Colder weather is forecast for tomorrow, though :o(

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