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I'm stupid

No, no, don't all rush to argue with me on this point: my resolve is steadfast. No longer am I prepared to stand idly by while the world fails to notice my greatness (in being stupid, that is).

Y'see, I've just worked out why my Media Center (made from old PC parts, empty toilet rolls and requiring occasional servicing with a large hammer...) was saying there's no TV guide information available after I rebuilt it last night following the power supply blowing up - quite spectacularly - almost two months ago to the day.

PEBKAC is...

(Geeky moment) Comms manager Mike Cooter's shiny new 19" widescreen monitor arrived yesterday. On enquiring whether it was any better than his old 17", he darkly muttered something about "fuzzy pixels" and poor picture quality.

... Turns out he'd spent several hours thinking his new screen was fit only for the bin because he'd been running it at the wrong resolution.

(PEBKAC: "Problem exists between keyboard and chair" - Wikipedia)

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