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Going through my cameraphone photos - almost a year's worth - I found this pic of a rare OS X "kernel panic" on my laptop, which is the computer's way of saying "that's it, something's gone massively wrong and I've had enough. If you're stupid enough to want to keep going, be my guest, but you're going to have to reboot me first"...

Photoshop hates me - getting web colours right in CS3

(This is a fully-geeky entry, I'm afraid...)

Google Desktop for Mac - like Spotlight, only better

(Boring geeky ramblings below...)

Google desktop screenshotUp until recently, I was a Windows user, and made a lot of use of Google's desktop search toy. Secretly though, I wanted a Mac so I could use the wonderful Spotlight search system.

TomTom problems sorted (kinda...)

Little update - it looks like I won't need to name and shame the high street retailer who sold me a used TomTom GO 510 as "new": they replaced it and I upgraded (for an extra


Want to try Windows Vista for free?

(Further off-topic than a snowmobile in the desert. Or something...)

If you're interested in trying out Windows Vista, you can now download the RC1 version of Vista straight from Microsoft.

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