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Don't tell anyone, but...

... I'm trying a little something with Southampton Uni ( e-mail address holders and our registration system.

There's a prize of a fluffy toffee from the tumble dryer to the first person to spot what I've done. Little hint: it's to do with guest accounts... ;)

Not big, not clever.

I'm playing helldesk geek while we're issuing NUS cards for the next fortnight. Yesterday was the first day, and I spent most of it running around - headless poultry-style - arranging furniture and crowd barriers, checking the water cooler, and printing off a range of posters to make sure no-one turns up to the NUS issue desk without everything they need.

NUS registration redux

So the NUS Registration system has been online for about a week. 301 people have registered or updated their accounts, but naturally there have been a couple teething troubles which I'm working through now.

I'm exhausted

... but happy.

Bar a couple of display issues and a distinct lack of any robust testing, the NUS registration system is finally finished.

Well, kinda.

I've completed the framework - and the 30-odd documentation pages to support it - which lets you sign up and create an account on It's taken me almost two months, and around 5,000 lines of code - most of which I have no idea how I wrote it - and naturally there are bound to be some horrific bugs which will just annoy everybody.

Queen and Country

I'm off to start a bit of jury service today, so keep an eye on the site for me. The key's under the mat. Remember to flush, and keep the plants watered.

I'll write about the new NUS registration system soon if I don't manage to land myself in contempt of court first.

C ya! /al

Essential pixel pushing and some Modern Toss

The last couple of days have seen me chopping up and adjusting the Union Essentials booklet-thingy being sent out to new students in the Freshers Packs.

NUS cards, pathways and SEFs

I'm mainly working on the NUS registration system (which is the process you go through to sign up for an NUS card and/or account on at the moment, but having fried my brain a bit last night working on endless far-from-standard user flow/interaction diagrams (and having had a visit from Portsmouth's enterprising social underclass to give me a sleepless night*), I decided to tie up a couple more loose-ends on the site today.

Little touches...

More boring non-news from the coal-face at the heart of the UPSU website. Or something...

First up, our SEF URL system - which lets us use URLs like "" instead of " com_content &task=view&Itemid= 123&id=blahblahblah... - has been fairly extensively hacked about, so we can now create pages with whatever URL we like, on the fly, and we can also go back and change the URL of existing pages.

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