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NUS Conference - writer's block

I promised some time ago to write about my experiences at the NUS Conference - the first I've attended despite several years at University. However, while I've scribbled down some notes and highlighted some of the things that I thought would have an impact on Portsmouth's students, I realised that it would probably be better to ask you - Portsmouth students, Facebook readers and committed student representation supporters - for your opinions and views on how the 2007 NUS Conference went, before I spout off.


I've been a bit very slack in writing up what actually happened at NUS Conference. In the meantime, have a video from David Darkin from the conference. Very random... (Can't see it? Go here).

NUS Conference day 1


Well, we're here in Blackpool. For some reason I keep calling the place Brighton. More beer needed I think...

We rocked up yesterday after a 5-ish hour drive up the motorway and immediately renamed our hotel Fawlty Towers. I have the pleasure of sharing a room with two other guys - Nick and Gordon - something which I haven't done for a few years.

Conferences left, right and centre

NUSSL logoNow elected, I've been driving a few people potty with hare-brained ideas and half-baked plans which I'd like to see started before the end of this academic year.

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