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Photography fun at Jongleurs

Yesterday evening was spent at Jongleurs nightclub in Portsmouth's rather-upmarket* Gunwharf Quays taking some pics.

Jongleurs Portsmouth, 12-07-2008 - 23

It's my first time using the D50 in a nightclub, and - photography geek mode on - I seemed to get bette

Booked, plugged in, hosted, mixed and snapped...

Mini-update time:

  • Ibiza: Steph and I have booked our flights back to 'beefa for the 2nd August. We're outta here, baby!
  • DJing: new mixer arrived today. Nothing spectacular at all - just a (very) cheap 'n cheerful Behringer mixer (with an instruction manual featuring a late-80's photo of the German chap who runs the company complete with a very shiny comb-over, saying "Hi, I'm so-and-so and I'd like to thank you for buying my mixer", etc etc etc).

One to watch out for: Paul Keeley's 'Homecoming'

One tune which will definitely be leaving an indelible imprint on the memories of clubbers in Ibiza this year will be Paul Keeley's "Homecoming". The tune's floaty synths coupled with the chugging bassline will have no trouble getting even the most laid-back clubbers to work up a sweat, and I promise you'll remember exactly where you were when you first heard it played out.

Two questions (aka media, music, reviews and greed)

Two things have been bugging me today. The first is reviews - mainly, in this case, music reviews. I'm going to preface what I'm about to say with this disclaimer; this is just a question. Nothing more, nothing less.

So what next?

Greetings from sunny... err... Portsmouth. I'm back in the UK and, no, I didn't decide to stay out in Ibiza for ever and ever and ever and... Well, you get the idea. Photos 'n vids coming shortly ;o)

So I'm now faced with something of a dilemma. I finish my term in office in Portsmouth at the end of July and, as things stand at the moment, I don't have any commitments, or a new job to go to... In fact, I've got a pretty clean slate to begin with, so I could do with some ideas on what to do next.

So far, these are the main options...


Coincidence and Ibiza

I've just started reading Alex Scarrow's "Last Light", a work of fiction* which looks at what might happen to the UK if the country's oil supplies - the majority of which are imported - were suddenly halted. The process from normality to a complete breakdown of the country - the "we're only three meals from civil war" theory I guess - takes less than a week.


Banksywatch: the double yellow line flower on Pollard Street

Just found this shot of Banksy's double yellow line flower (you can find the original here on Flickr). Nice work :o)

Banksy - double yellow line flower on Pollard Street - image (c) Dave Gorman

More random pics: Giant Jenga...

Random photos from a random Giant Jenga game in the UPSU Sabb office. Well, it was half 9 in the evening, and we were still at work...

9.30pm and still in the office? It must be Giant Jenga time...

9.30pm and still in the office? It must be Giant Jenga time...

Beatport member? Grab 10 free tracks from their VIP give-away

Beatport are offering current members ten free downloads, simply by logging in and, err, clicking the download button. Go to to grab yours now :o)

Beatport VIP

St. Paul's Cathedral at night

Guess I got lucky with this pic - St. Paul's by night from Southbank:

St. Paul's Cathedral from Southbank at night


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