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Bit of a reshuffle...

I'm just grabbing two minutes' free time between meetings, so I thought I'd put a quick update on here about, which has seen a lot of new things going on over the last month or so, not least the new JobShop (which I'm going to do a full write-up about shortly).

The homepage has had a bit of a reshuffle; UPSU and BBC news headlines have been condensed into column 3, and column 4 has been freed up to make way for the forthcoming "latest photo galleries", reprioritised "forthcoming events listing"

Got a bit of a ring to it...

I'm working on the NUS registration system for 2008; this week I'm adding security logging across to support the NUS card issue system. It's so boring I can't honestly think of anything to write about it that won't send you to sleep, so here's something completely different...

I'm not *that* stupid that I'm going to wade head-first into a raging debate about religious rights, but BBC News are covering a High Court challenge by a 16 year-old Christian today.

Bit of a slow news day in Hampshire...?

Just spotted this on the BBC Hampshire homepage:

Slow news day

Out in reader-land, you might not appreciate just how long a wait it's been for me to see some serious journalistic reporting on my favourite subject - namely, salad ingredients.

AJAX, weather, news and opinions

(This is another really, *really* boring blog entry. Why not Google for "noodle mining" instead of reading it?)

A load of old Flickr'ing aRSSe...

With the end of the academic year fast approaching and my coursework deadlines looming, I thought it would be nice to totally avoid the subject of academic work by working on another item on my to-do list (yup, I'm that sad that I have a "geeky stuff to-do list"...).

More changes at

Things have been changing on, but most of the changes have been behind the scenes, so there's not much point me saying much about them here, but I'll skip over them to (try to) prove I've been working... ;o)

  • The news system has been tweaked again: each news article is made up of two parts; the introduction (which is shown in the news listings pages along with a picture) and the main body (which is only shown when you click a link to view a news article).
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