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UPSU is not MySpace - no autoplaying music here. Bugger.

A couple of the acts playing at the Grad Ball have MySpace pages with players which play their music. I've found out we can insert those players on our Grad Ball minisite pages, but I can't find any way of preventing them from automatically playing tunes when the page loads.


Talking about yourself in the 3rd person

Just a quick question from me: while I've been taking a look at MySpace, a site which seems to take great pleasure in making it as hard as possible to style your webpage, I've wandered onto a load of peoples' own websites where they describe themselves in the third person - "Kelly So-and-so studied a BSc Hons in Very Little whilst at University, and won a competition to present a 15-second segment on a late night TV show on local cable TV with . She also did blah blah and..." ... you get the picture.


Urgh, MySpace... I feel dirty...!

I've just bitten to bullet and created a MySpace account for UPSU.

I feel dirty... Mind you, it's pretty rubbish at the moment, so why not check out the Pugwash mag MySpace site instead?

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