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My fitness regime update

Since I've spent a shedload of money on the bike (and a couple of toys) so I can go out and do some distance training, I thought it might be good for me to go through what I've done to get fit lately...

  • Got the bike -


It's just gone 7am. I've just stumbled through my front door sweating, confused, legs filled with jelly, eyes red, throat burning and a desperate need not to have a cigarette for the first time in a long time.

No, I haven't just woken from a nap in a gutter after a PWs night out. Nor have I just spent the night doing anything more fun. Nope, I've been road-testing my bike with all it's Shiny New Bits™.

When 7 'P's aren't enough (aka "Why bikes hate me"...)

(Another very off-topic, slightly ranty entry...)

My hands ache. I've skinned three knuckles, crushed one finger, managed to put a sizeable hole in our concrete doorstep, chipped the wallpaper, put a hole in my sofa bed, left an oily handprint on the recently-painted doorframe, and - best of all - I haven't actually achieved anything with my shiny new bike parts.

Crazy schemes #121: let's lose the flab...

I've just spent

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