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Apologies for not posting what I've been up to lately - there's a helluvalot going on, but I've been remarkably unmotivated to put words in the blog to explain what's been going on, as I've been working hard to keep my head above the workload. Nothing new there though - maybe I should cut back on Facebook during the work day...? ;o)

A night at the movies (no popcorn, though...)

It's about half nine on Saturday 5th May. Portsmouth Guildhall is packed full of scrubbed, polished and groomed sports bods. Sports Sabb Jodie Austin is in charge of the mic, and up on stage, a little bald Spanish chap by the name of Fraggy is looking like he's about to have a heart attack as he prays - and prays, and prays, and prays - that the AU Dinner video, the result of two weeks' solid work* from him and Mike Cooter, works first time when he hits "play"...

PEBKAC is...

(Geeky moment) Comms manager Mike Cooter's shiny new 19" widescreen monitor arrived yesterday. On enquiring whether it was any better than his old 17", he darkly muttered something about "fuzzy pixels" and poor picture quality.

... Turns out he'd spent several hours thinking his new screen was fit only for the bin because he'd been running it at the wrong resolution.

(PEBKAC: "Problem exists between keyboard and chair" - Wikipedia)

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