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Austerity win: my free laptop stand

I'm working my way through the process of getting my posture sorted out at work, so I've picked myself up an office chair which you kinda kneel on - it doesn't have a back - and perch.

That's all well and good of course, apart from the inevitable and accurate - if slightly-cruel comments - that it looks like a birthing chair, but I also needed to sort out which way my head was pointing; with my tiny laptop and a normal-height desk, I was spending most of my day with my head canted down at a 45-degree angle. Not particularly good for posture!

Anyway, being a tightwad, and not having the patience to wait for a postal delivery even if I could bring myself to spend money on a laptop stand, I decided that the easiest approach would be to nip downstairs to Argos (yup, we have an Argos in our building) and grab some of their catalogues. As an added aesthetic bonus, two catalogues placed spine-to-spine provide a perfectly-sized footprint for my laptop.

Two trips, some huffing-and-puffing, odd looks from Argos staff and a little desk-based feng-shui later et voila! We have ourselves a laptop stand.

Massive win =o)

The "Dellbook Air"... Ahem...


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