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Mass e-mails - love them or hate them

Mass e-mails are always a bit of a contentious subject, and last night's e-mail (you can see it online here) to around 7,000 people has brought with it a few sharp responses from people whose responses made it quite clear that they didn't expect to receive them, and thought that we were simply "spamming" them without permission.

Advertising - a necessary evil?

As one of the people who put this site together, I have to admit I'm not particularly fond of the idea of having it's design perforated by adverts of all shapes and sizes because someone, somewhere thinks that loading up a website for students with adverts is a great way to sell something-or-other; as a budding web-geek (ok, I might be a little too long in the tooth - at least when it comes to the www - to be described as "budding") I'm conscious of the fact that most people don't visit a website to see the wonderful adverts; in fact, most adverts are (by their very nature), in

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