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How (not) to make an impression with the Secretary of State...

Just a quick footnote: I had the pleasure of meeting not only the University Vice-Chancellor (i.e. University top bod) John Craven yesterday - and for once it wasn't to receive what amounts to a bollocking for printing articles of questionable veracity in Pugwash News - but also the Secretary of State, John Denham.

News editor Jacob Leverett was given the potentially career-defining opportunity of interviewing the minister, with a clean-slate interview (i.e. we weren't proscribed any questions), and Jacob, after the inevitable nervousness, handled the task with aplomb.

How to tell a student from a "chav"

Reading the comments left on the Daily Echo's coverage of the Top Up Fees protest in Bitterne, I had to laugh when I saw this mini-thread in the comments...

Commenter 1: "... I finally managed to escape living in the Bedford Place area last year
after putting up with student noise from parties and abuse when asking
them to quieten down..."

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