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My tuuuune of the summer: Knee Deep - All About Love

This is, without doubt, the soundtrack to my summer so far. Beautiful :o)

YouTube - Knee Deep - All About Love.


Two to watch out for: Julien Jabre and Hott 22 (plus a couple of others...)

I've just discovered Julien Jabré's beautiful "Swimming places" track on the MoS chillout CD and it's definitely another one I heard on the Space terrace in 'beefa. Luvly.

Greyhead's house podcast: a little bit chunkier

Audio worship, Pacha

Another day, another hour of chunky electro stuff, featuring Jesse Garcia, Tocadisco, D Ramires & Mark Knight, Pryda, Mar-T, Miles Dyson, Enrico da Rosa, Wolfgang Gartner, Nastydirtysexmusic and the Plump DJs :o)
How to get this mix

Greyhead's house podcast: the Bora Bora tribute

Bora Bora gets underway at sunset

Now I've finally got my DJing toys back up and running, I've put together a bit of a funky/chunky house mix inspired by Ibiza's Bora Bora beach club.
How to get this mix

A bit of a summery house mix for ya - funky, chunky, rough-round-the-edges house nuts

I haven't done much in the way of recording mixes lately, but I did have a chance to have a play about on the decks last week while I was setting up Lux for Orange Fridays. It's a bit/very (delete as applicable) rough round the edges 'cos I was trying to rush around doing other things at the same time, so if I was grading myself I'd probably rate it somewhere around "could do better".

Hope you enjoy it ;o)

How to listen

If you can see the player below, then all you have to do is click "play":

Chopper Harries, March 19th 2007 - listen again and download

Mix 1 - classic funk

Click the play button below, or right click here and select "save as" to download.

Chopper Harries - show tracklisting, March 19th 07

I'll try and get a copy of this mix uploaded soon if you missed the show and fancy a listen. You can tune in on Mondays from 7pm to 9pm at Pure:FM student radio.

A constructive day, housekeeping, Fabric's new compilation, and putting the cat out...

It's another late night, so it must be time for another rambling blog entry about "what I've dun lately". If you read this, I can guarantee you'll be bored... ;o)

This is going to be a bumper blog entry of all the really really boring stuff I've done this week altogether, so you only have to "ignore" one thing instead of loads ;o)

My dirty secret: I want to be a Sabb...

Yes, it's true - I'm running in the 2007 Sabbatical elections.

I'm running for the Media & Publications position, because it's the area in which I have worked almost constantly for the last 4 years, and because I think I could probably do a fairly good - ok, a very good job of it.

That, of course, is assuming I don't insert my foot in my mouth any more than is absolutely necessary, that I don't upset too many people, and that I don't inadvertently break the rules due to me being daft.

Woohoo, I got me a Pure:FM radio show!!

Ok, this is a bit scary - I've just been told I have a radio show on Pure:FM, starting tomorrow evening.

So that gives me a mere 24 hours to prepare a house and chillout show. Should be interesting then... Eep!

You can listen online at - I'll be on from 7pm to 9pm, assuming nothing goes horribly wrong. I'll probably cheat for the first show by playing a mix I recorded last year for most of it as I have a ridiculously busy day tomorrow.

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