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Bit of a reshuffle...

I'm just grabbing two minutes' free time between meetings, so I thought I'd put a quick update on here about, which has seen a lot of new things going on over the last month or so, not least the new JobShop (which I'm going to do a full write-up about shortly).

The homepage has had a bit of a reshuffle; UPSU and BBC news headlines have been condensed into column 3, and column 4 has been freed up to make way for the forthcoming "latest photo galleries", reprioritised "forthcoming events listing"

More little touches: rolling out better accessibility for

I know I should be doing coursework, but while doing some research on the BBC's Access 2.0 accessibility blog for my final year embarrassment project, I realised that the alternative high-contrast stylesheets I put together to provide a text-only version of the homepage could be very easily rolled out to all the other pages on with a couple of simple code changes.

Green enough for ya...?

I wonder if the proportion of elections coverage on the homepage is just - possibly, maybe - a little too high...? ;o)

Green elections homepage

AJAX, weather, news and opinions

(This is another really, *really* boring blog entry. Why not Google for "noodle mining" instead of reading it?)

Weather: where do I stick it?

UPSU homepage weather boxWhen I go to the UPSU homepage, I see things a little differently to most people because I have a couple of bits of content loaded in a "hidden" box - great while I'm working on new toys for the site.

Bandwidth anal-retentiveness

The new homepage is covered in spanky-new graphics. It's got loads more content. It has a tonne more .CSS than the old one.

And yet it's only 500 bytes larger in size.

That makes me just a tiny bit happy. It was also entirely accidental. Now, hands up if you care. ... Anyone? No? Dust? Anyone...?

It is done.

The new homepage is live. If it breaks, I don't want to know - I'm off to the bar.

p.s. I have 47 rejected variations of that bloody logo. Perfectionist or simply idiot? I say I'm the latter ;o)

Freshers, sportos, Snakey B and endless pixel tweaking

Let's set the scene here: I'm sitting in a corner of the Sabb office. Somewhere behind my back and to the right, less than 30 metres away, the Waterhole is largely full of sportos (sports team members for the uninitiated) and Freshers. Most of them - especially the Sportos - are sampling the delights of Snakey B, a concoction of beer, cider and blackcurrant cordial capable (I lie not) of permanently staining stainless steel and everything else it comes in contact with.

New homepage - laid out... (kinda)

Purple dark layoutToday's been spent tweaking pixels and changing transparency settings. Smutty as that might sound to the younger-minded among us (errm, me then), I now have a basic working layout collection which - I think - kinda, sorta, maybe works.

The new UPSU homepage

I'm busy working out how the new homepage is going to look at the moment. We've been collectively throwing ideas around for a long time now - in fact almost since the first homepage went up last year. The new design is going to address the two main areas of criticism received so far - the prioritisation of content isn't felt to be as good a reflection of the content of as it could be, and there is a little too much reliance on text instead of images.

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