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Telling it how it is

The Observer has a very interesting article which interviews ten drug users about their habits, ranging from the occasional cannabis user to a £100-plus-a-day unemployed heroin addict.

Last year, nearly four million Britons used illicit drugs: ten drug users tell their stories | Health and wellbeing | Life and Health - the Observer online

Getting fit, getting run over, work/life balance, and annoying everyone in the office (again)...

A few days ago I looked downwards and had to lean over my ever-growing
gut to see what shoes I had on (flip-flops, of course), so yesterday I
decided to make an effort to start getting fit. In all fairness, Ed
& Rep Sabb Andy Machin
was also starting his training regime, so I've really just stolen his

My fitness regime update

Since I've spent a shedload of money on the bike (and a couple of toys) so I can go out and do some distance training, I thought it might be good for me to go through what I've done to get fit lately...

  • Got the bike -

Crazy schemes #121: let's lose the flab...

I've just spent

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